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Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, NewsFix reporters bring you the latest in critter news.

There’s a Los Angeles sushi bar where a customer recently paid his $200 bill before showing other customers a little snake.

The guy left when the managers told him to beat it, but he came back and dropped a 13-foot long python in the middle of the restaurant.

Cops busted the customer on suspicion of making criminal threats.

Kangaroos may look cute and cuddly, but they can be dangerous beasts if you get them liquored up and put boxing gloves on them.

The good folks of Iowa think kangaroos make good pets, unlike lions and tigers and bears.

Folks in Norwalk called the cops on a kangaroo hopping through town. The kangaroo escaped from its owner who kept it in a plastic crate.

Cops got the jump on the ‘roo, who’s back in his cage, probably planning his next break out.

Then there’s the tale of a goldfish with a grille.

He was born without a lower jaw, so doctors used part of a credit card to make a brace to keep open his mouth so he could eat.

A hundred and fifty bucks for the procedure, and he’ll probably get flushed down the toilet anyway.