Current state of the Astrodome doesn’t look good

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HOUSTON, TX – The Astrodome is gasping it’s last breath’s.  What was once the eighth wonder of the world is falling apart. Closed since 2007 and deemed unfit for occupancy in 2009. Rodeo and Texans officials want something to happen.

Leroy Shafer, CEO of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo said, “We’re going on 11 years since a major tenant used it for a major use. It’s sitting there, it’s dying, it’s decaying. You guys were in there today, you see what kind of shape it’s in. Let’s do something about that.”

Edgardo Colon Chairman of the Board of Harris County Sports and Convention Corp. said, “It’s in the best interest of tax payers to continue to explore all the options in order to make a decision.”

You may have heard the people with the Rodeo and the Texans sponsored a study showing demolishing the Dome and creating a potential parking lot would cost $29 million dollars. Half of what the county said it would cost after putting together their own study.

“In terms of a timeline, I cannot give you a timeline right now, again, we’re evaluating,’ says Colon. ‘Obviously this thing can’t go on forever, we know that much.”

So how long before a decision is made?

“It is definitely not going to be till kingdom come, it’s not going to be another five years, I hope.”

Yeah, the last time anything significant was in here was the home away from home for Katrina evacuees. It doesn’t look good in there and probably the reason why we were invited for a tour.

If we wait long enough, might just disintegrate on its own.


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