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HOUSTON (CW39) — If you’ve ever thought about customizing your vehicle you’re not alone. According to a recent study 49% of car buyers are willing to accessorize or customize their cars. So today Shannon LaNier is live in West Houston at American Custom Jeep with a first-hand look at that experience, check out this report by Shannon LaNier!  

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While some people like to spruce on their car with bumper stickers or tinted windows, others take it to a whole new level with customizations. In fact, vehicle customization is a more than $7 Billion dollar industry and Houston is riding the wave but not with just cars, Jeeps too….

If you want a customize your car, here are some tip to do it….  

Customize Car Tips…  

  • Have Idea & Samples  
  • Select Designer Who’s Style You Like  
  • Start With Base Colors  
  • Select Rims & Tires  
  • Stick With A Theme  

Before you start customizing, you need a Jeep, so Navid w/ American Custom Jeep has tips on buying one.

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