HOUSTON (CW39) — With Houston having the largest number of stray animals in the country, CW39 Anchor Sharron Melton is trying to change that, by helping a local shelter, and Sharron needs your help to do more!

Selected as an Honoree for Citizens for Animal Protection, she is raising money to help the shelter take care of the numerous homeless animals in their care. She held an event over the weekend to start doing that, and people attended. You can help too! Scan the QR code on our website. It takes you to the donation page where you can donate and under the section that says In Support or Honor of, please write in Sharron Melton’s name so CAP knows who sent you to donate. You can also Foster or Adopt animals too, and please tell them Sharron Melton sent you!! Watch some of the video from the weekend event below and Thank you so much for helping the fur-babies out there!!!!

How to credit Sharron for your donation: