Cy Ranch High School senior prank blows up into major controversy

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HOUSTON – Was it a Nazi salute during senior picture day at Cypress Ranch High School?

“I think that it’s just horrible, and it’s sad that they was, you know, doing that,” student Janiya Bailey commented.

Now teachers and faculty are trying to figure out what’s going on.

“Well, the kids who did it are saying they did it because Donald Trump’s the new Hitler,” student Lauren Hooper shared. “A lot of people got really offended by it.”

If that weren’t bad enough, some students reportedly screamed “Heil Hitler!” and “Heil Trump!”

“I mean, it’s childish,” senior Malik Raney insisted. “Like, we’re seniors. We’re seniors! Why would we do such a thing like that?”

“I didn’t even have any part in it, so…I was just standing there trying to take the picture ’cause we were there for an hour,” fellow senior Bronson Moody explained.

“They didn’t really mean anything by it,” Hooper said. “They were just joking, but you know, it’s not something that they should get away with.”

Cy Fair ISD issued a statement saying they are “extremely disappointed” and that “appropriate action has been taken.”

“I think that it’s a parent problem,” Kimberly Lewis revealed. “I think that it’s a fear of the unknown. There are certain things that you don’t say, and they’re certain things you don’t do.”

“It’s not really a joking matter,” Moody remarked. “I mean, they were talking about doing this for like a funny– like parent picture.”

So, was this just a senior prank, or does it signal a deeper issue here?

“I think it’s more of a teaching them of why it was inappropriate, and why it’s offensive,” Lewis suggested.

Student Viviana Baez and her friends declared, “As a school, we apologize!”

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