CyberBullying: The Mission to Stop it Now


Scared sad girl bullied on line with laptop suffering cyberbullying and harassment feeling desperate and intimidated. Child victim of bullying stalker social media network

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HOUSTON (CW39) Imagine your child is playing a game or surfing the internet and a direct message is sent to them, filled with nasty comments. Or what if your child is taking classes on-line and a hateful direct message is posted to them. These are all examples of CyberBullying, and it’s happening now more than ever.

Since this pandemic & Covid-19 began, according to Crime-Stoppers of Houston CEO Rania Mankarious, Cyber-Bullying has increased between 60% to 70%. Also, on-line solicitation of minors has increased by 93%. These are frightening numbers. But what can Parents, Children, and all of us do about it?

October 1st kicks off “National Bullying Awareness Month”. Crime-Stoppers is joining forces with non-other than Jammy Kiggundu. He’s a Victims Social Advocate and Attorney who’s known for working with the Molak Family. They reached out to Kiggundu after their son David took his own life in 2016, after being ruthlessly CyberBullied. Now “David’s Law”, known as Senate Bill 179 exists in Texas, which classifies bullying as a misdemeanor and requires schools to get involved when any cyberbullying behavior is suspected. 

CW39 Anchor Sharron Melton talks with both Jammy Kiggundu and CEO of Houston Crime-Stoppers Rania Mankarious, for this Extended and Exclusive Web Addition Interview. They discuss the changes being made to combat CyberBullying during a Pandemic, and the resources and tools available for Victims, Parents, and Everyone trying to stop all forms of CyberBullying.

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