Dashcam records police car running over robbery suspect carrying a loaded rifle

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MARANA, AZ – An incident out in Arizona looked an awful lot like a scene from Grand Theft Auto.

But instead, it turned out to be a short story of a man with a long gun back in February.

Cops say Mario Valencia was caught on surveillance camera stealing a rifle and some ammo from a local Wal-Mart. But before that, he allegedly robbed a 7-11, torched a church, and stole a car.

Police cars followed the Valencia as he walked down the streets of Marana, carrying the rifle the whole time.

At one point, another man drove up and told police the suspect posed no threat because the rifle had a trigger lock. But seconds later, Valencia shot off one round into the air.

Everything came to a quick end when a former New York City police officer drove his patrol car straight into the suspect.

Valencia ended up in the hospital for two days before winding up in jail.

And, yes, his attorney says this is clearly a case of excessive use of force.

But he didn’t die, which means he can tell his own version of what it’s like to become a human hood ornament.

A loosely organized nationwide protest against excessive, sometimes fatal, force by police came to the University of Houston Tuesday when students interrupted a class for an unscheduled demonstration.

Thousands of people in cities across the country blocked streets and highways, and converged on police stations, leading to dozens of arrests.

In New York, police say someone assaulted an off-duty officer when got out of his car.

A short time later, someone threw a bottle and hit another officer in the head.

Violent protests against violent police.

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