FORT HOOD, Texas / FORT IRWIN, Calif. (FOX 44) – Fort Hood soldiers are still enduring rigorous training while at Fort Irwin, but leadership is there to help them prevail through difficulties.

Every leader who visits the California National Training Center has a different experience with their soldiers and faces different challenges.

“I think some of our biggest challenges is uh, uh, talking back to how station via certain systems. Uh, the systems just don’t talk. Or if they do, we just don’t have the proper access to get to them. So that’s probably been the biggest challenge.” says Major Joe Crumpton, G-33 current OPS Officer Division Staff.

This isn’t major Joe Crumpton’s first visit to Fort Irwin.

Like many army leaders, Crumpton has visited Fort Irwin before, now taking on a different role and learning to master new challenges this time around.

“I think the toughest thing for leaders here is the prioritization of their time. There’s so much for you to do. There’s so much for you to check on, and it’s making those priorities is delegating some of those actions and then going out there getting a good assessment of the training yourself.” says LTC James Ray, Deputy Division Chief of Staff First Cav Division.

Lieutenant Colonel James Ray believes the time leaders spend in The Box is extremely valuable in adding to their years of experience as an army leader.

Both leaders told FOX 44’s Allison Fox O’Connor that despite the difficulties they and their soldiers face, they feel the reward when they overcome obstacles set in front of the them.

Major Crumpton had some advice to the soldiers who are planning to head to NTC.

“Remain flexible, stay motivated. Understand things are going to change from time to time but every obstacle can be conquered. Just continue to lean forward in the saddle and be ready to achieve the initiative anytime you get it out here in the box on the fight.” says Major Joe Crumpton, G-33 current OPS Officer Division Staff.

The leaders will work with and support their soldiers as they continue their training in The Box.

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