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Just as it seemed the clean-up efforts from last months oil spill under control, there’s new evidence washing ashore that proves to the public just how much nearly 168,000 gallons of oil affects wildlife.

The U.S. Coast Guard confirms that 30 dead dolphins have been found in the Galveston area since the wreck, 48 total in March. That’s well above average, and very well above last years recovery of only 15.

A high number of dead dolphins is typical during what is called the stranding season from January through March, but so far, 2 have been confirmed to have oil on their bodies and two more are being tested for possible oil exposure.

Though it’s not proven that oil is the definite cause of the increase in stranding yet, it’s definitely a concern, and until the murky waters are all cleared up, we won’t know exactly how much our wildlife will be impacted.