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VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – There’s a problem brewing in the waters of Virginia Beach – dead dolphins.

Since last month, there’s been a reported 160 dead dolphins that have washed up – 25 just this past weekend.

The problem is getting so bad the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Team doesn’t know what to do. Their freezers are so full of dead dolphins, there’s a line outside the tent where the animal autopsies are being performed. Doctors are taking samples, trying to figure out what’s killing them. They still haven’t figured it out, but they are noticing a pattern – most of the dead dolphins are male.

“We’re seeing lesions in their respiratory systems. We’re seeing animals with joint problems. We’re not seeing animals feeding normally; a lot of them are thin,” said Susan Barco with the Virginia Aquarium.

All officials can do now is just hope they find an answer soon.