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CYPRESS, TX – The holidays are the times to give, or get, some really bad gifts. But a dead pig probably is not something you’re likely to find under the tree, or even on your porch.

But, that’s what the folks at the Islamic Outreach Center in Cypress found on their porch after evening prayers.

Muslims don’t have a big problem with pigs, live or dead. It’s just that they don’t eat them. And the sight of one does not make them go crazy.

But someone thought it would be either high humor or a symbolic gesture to put the dead pig on the porch where everyone would see it.

“It’s not really the fact that there was a pig on the property that’s a little concerning, but the fact that someone would actually go off and do something like that that’s a little concerning,” said Fahad Tasleem, the center’s resident imam. “It’s unfortunate that something like this would happen, but at the same time I think it’s a good opportunity like a teaching moment where you say like, you know, come out, learn about Islam, you know, interact with us, and at the same time we’d like to learn about you, as well.”

They called the sheriff who sent out investigators, and then they did what most people probably do with those holiday gifts they don`t like.

“It was, with all the dignity, it was then taken and put in the dumpster over here,” said Ilyas Chaoudry of the Houston Chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America.

So, to whatever swine thought killing a pig would raise a ruckus with the Muslims, better think again.

You may now have PETA to worry about.