Deadly tornado destroys small Illinois town

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FAIRDALE, IL – It was a violent night of tornadoes in the Midwest. Debris from broken houses are about all that’s left of Fairdale, Illinois, a small, unincorporated town of around 150 residents, about 80 miles northwest of Chicago.

Two people died and about a dozen others were hurt by a tornado that tore through the town Thursday night.

The morning sun coming up over the northern Illinois town of Rochelle showed the devastation caused by a twister that ripped into the town of about 9,500 residents.

Storm-chaser video shows massive, wedge-shaped tornado that hit Rochelle with an angry force.

Several tornadoes touched down in Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa, some producing tennis ball-size hail.

In Iowa, a TV sports crew was shooting a local baseball game when the big storm became the big story.

But, by far, the most dangerous and dramatic storms rolled through the Land of Lincoln, including a classic funnel-cloud, strong enough to tip over a big rig, and hurl cars through the air, that turned into the massive wedge that hit Rochelle.

The Houston area isn’t expecting any Texas tornadoes, but we could see a lot of wind and rain just to make any outdoor plans a bit more interesting.



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