Deadly tornadoes tear through Oklahoma

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UNION CITY, OK – After Friday night, you would think Mother Nature is out to get Oklahoma or something. The state was slammed yet again with a round of deadly twisters.

The outbreak comes less than two weeks after the EF5 tornado that destroyed Moore, Oklahoma.

The tornadoes touched down in numerous states in the Midwest like Missouri and Illinois, but the brung force was in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas like Union City and El Reno.

A lot of people were hurt and as of Saturday afternoon, at least 9 people were killed, including a mother and child who were literally sucked out of their car.

The area also had to deal with lots of rain and flooding. As if the Midwest isn`t going through enough, the U.S. coast better start getting ready. June 1 marks the first day of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.


Let`s just hope Mother Nature doesn’t blow this storm season out of proportion.

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