Deadly virus goes missing from UTMB lab

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GALVESTON, TX – We all misplace things from time to time, our keys, the remote, our glasses; But a story out of Galveston may have you hoping the lost and found is working.

A vial of a potentially deadly virus has gone missing from the University of Texas Medical Branch.

The virus is called Guanarito. UTMB says it has caused hemorrhagic fever in Venezuela, where it’s transmitted by rodents. UTMB says less than a quarter of a teaspoon is unaccounted for.

They say they don’t suspect wrongdoing or a security breach and that the vial was likely destroyed during normal lab sterilization.

UTMB refused to go on camera with us.  Instead they released a statement, saying in-part: ‘The virus in the vial is not known to be transmitted person-to-person and thus poses no appreciable public health risk.’

We hope that`s the truth, because UTMB has a Biosafety Level 4 lab. That’s a big deal! Anything missing out of there sounds like it could make for an apocalyptic horror movie.

For now, it’s still being investigated.  All we really know for sure is that it’s a vile mistake.


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