Dealing with summer allergies

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HOUSTON, TX – Are you finding yourself sneezing or coughing right now?

It’s weird right? Summer isn’t normally associated with allergy season.

So what the heck is going on?

UTHealth Allergist and immunologist Dr. Dat Tran said, “So one factor could be there’s now increase pollination because increase vegetation relative to the year before because of drought. This time of the season we’re getting toward weeds and pollen.”

Well that makes sense. So, how do we treat these allergies?

“So for the simple symptoms of itchy, runny nose and sneezing, most of the time over the counter antihistamine are beneficial these could be Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec.”

You know doc, sometimes those don’t work, what do we do then?

“Sometimes you have symptoms that look like allergies with sneezing congestion, runny nose, one good way to find out if its allergies, I will take the common over the counter antihistamine, if it’s an allergy, you will notice a relief pretty soon within 30 minutes of those symptoms. But if it’s caused by another reason such as an infection or virus, usually you don’t know a big effect, maybe subtle and that’s when you start to sense, I might be getting a cold, I might be getting an infection.”

One way to clear any sinus pressure or infection is to use an over the counter sinus rinses.

It’s easy, just pour in some water and either salt or baking soda and spray it up each nostril. This will clean out the irritation in your nasal cavity.


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