Death of Georgia Toddler: Mistake or murder?

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ATLANTA, GA – It’s the most tragic kind of accident, and now law enforcement near Atlanta want to know if it was a mistake, or murder?

Justin Ross Harris says he accidentally left his 22-month-old toddler strapped in his car seat when he went into work on June 18th. Harris says he forgot to drop his little boy off at day care before heading in to work. It was 7-hours later before Harris says he realized Cooper was still in the back seat. Cops say it was 88-degrees when the little boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

It sounds like a tragedy. People even started a petition to have the felony murder and child cruelty charges against Harris dropped. However, sympathy has turned to suspicion and now, officials are leaning toward murder, instead of mistake.

A Cobb County criminal warrant says 33-year-old Harris knowingly left his son in his car, claiming Harris even went back out to his SUV during the day to, “Place an object into the vehicle.”

When Sgt. Dana Pierce, of the Cobb County Police Department, initially questioned Harris at the scene, he says the story didn’t quite add up saying, “… Some of those answers were not making sense to the first responders.”

Harris began yelling and cursing at officers which is when he was placed in cuffs  and hauled off to jail.

Harris pleaded not guilty to the charges and has been sitting in jail without bond.

Now, investigators are searching Harris’ home and SUV, trying to find if something other than the heat, is responsible for the death of the little boy.


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