Death threats aimed at senator a scam

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HOUSTON, TX – Good news for Texas state Senator John Whitmire. You know, the politician who’s trying to block cell phones in prisons. A death threat aimed at Whitmire, allegedly made by the Mexican Mafia, ended up being a scam.

Investigators say a prison inmate (who is also a confidential informant) tried to get other people to devise a plot to kill Whitmire. Supposedly, this was a not-so-clever ruse to turn them in, and in turn, get cash or a reduced prison sentence.

Well, that backfired. Now the inmate is facing lying to a police officer charges. Best case scenario, he will have his “good time” credits revoked.

Investigators aren’t telling us who the inmate is, but they do say he had provided information in the past who was sometimes credible, sometimes not.

While this inmate has no doubt lost his last shred of credibility, Whitmire still took the threat seriously. Luckily, this time, it was just an empty threat.



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