Deep freeze cancels 150 flights in Houston airports

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HOUSTON, TX – Not only were the roadways slowed by winter weather, but also the runways. At Bush Intercontinental, travelers gathered around the display screens to find out whether the weather delayed their departure. In the last day and a half, around half of the flights leaving the airport were delayed and about 150 flights were cancelled from both Bush and Hobby in total. Not a good way to start your travel plans with some families having to wait it out from the night before.

So while some folks had to stay put at the terminals waiting for their flights, others were stuck in the cars getting to the airport. Some ramps around Beltway 8 were closed due to ice, freezing traffic to a stand still. And to make matters worse, the monorail at IAH was shutdown due to the weather.

But things weren’t so bad, for those lucky enough not to have a their flight frozen. Airport officials said both Bush and Hobby airports were fully operational at 10am. Maybe now’s a good time to book a flight to a warmer place.



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