Deep-water robots inspire students to innovate

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IRVINGTON, TX – So much for boring lectures, students at Sam Houston Math, Science and Technology Center got a little extra stimulation on Monday.

Chevron Engineer David Taghehchian brought an underwater robot exhibit to campus. Needless to say, no one was falling asleep at their desk.

From what our nonscientific minds could gather, the exhibit shows students how oil companies can access deep underwater.

“Divers can’t go that deep because of the pressure, so this is something that they can send, and it can withstand the pressures down there,” says physics and robotics teacher Leslie Constant.

Sounds cool enough. But what’s even cooler is it inspired a comment like this: ‘It actually makes me more excited about going the engineering path.  I want to help innovate the future and make the world a better place,’ said 11th grader Michael Gonzalez.

How’s that for a lesson in life!


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