Defaced Obama mural gets replaced

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HOUSTON, TX – When you’re running for President of the United States, sometimes you get caught up in controversies not of your making.

The iconic Associated Press photo taken of then-candidate Obama during his last run for the Oval Office should look familiar, because a guy named Shepard Fairey, a Los Angeles street artist, used it to create the ‘Obama Hope’ poster.

Trouble is, he didn’t get permission from the Associated Press, which turned around and sued him for copyright infringement.

Both sides eventually agreed to disagree, with Fairey agreeing not to use AP photos in the future, and the AP happy that it got its point across about not stealing their work.

But someone may have forgotten to tell Houston public artist Reginald Adams when The Breakfast Klub, a popular Houston eatery, commissioned him to do a copy of the poster on its wall back in 2008.

Someone threw paint on the painting the day before the second presidential debate, which allowed the restaurant owner to turn ‘hope’ into ‘change.’ So to speak.

‘This came about by incident. But I won’t say without it being by design,’ said restaurant owner Marcus Davis. ‘What I mean by that is Reginald and I had been talking for some time. He had wanted to do a new mural. We didn’t have the space to do it. But unfortunately, or fortunately, vandalism created an opportunity for this new expression of President Barack Obama. And so, a couple of nights ago, someone came out and pulled right up behind my building and decided to get outside of their vehicle and decided to throw bottles of paint up against the face of the President.’

Davis and The Breakfast Klub took the opportunity provided by the debate to hold a combination watch party, mural painting.

Adams used an LCD projector to shine the new design on the wall so he could paint over it.

By the way, Fairey, the guy who ripped off the Associated Press, well, last month a court sentenced him to two years probation and fined him 25-grand for lying and destroying documents related to the AP lawsuit over the poster.

So, maybe the time was right for a change down at The Breakfast Klub.


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