Defend yourself by any means necessary

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Grego sounds off on the most recent headlines of violence and has come to the conclusion that it is time to defend yourself by any means necessary.

“Killing, killing and more killing dominating the headlines. Innocent human beings’ lives getting snuffed out by radical Islamic terrorists in France, the murder of a doctor and suicide by shooter at a VA medical clinic in El Paso, two psycho sisters even shot their own brother in Florida! My closing comment for today is simple, we must be prepared to defend ourselves by any and all means necessary at all times. We don`t want to be the person who fooled him or herself into believing it will never happen to me. Radical Muslims have made it clear they are at war with the world`s non-Muslims and they are bound and appear far more determined to carry out terrorist attacks than our country is to defend itself. You might disagree with my philosophy and I respect that, but imagine (if you can) how you would feel, suddenly in a situation, in the presence of a crazed gunman bent on murdering everyone in your proximity and you. Try to imagine that. Like those people in France. No time to call for help, nowhere to run, no way to fend off the attacker; helpless. In that moment, it would certainly be a shame and way too late to decide perhaps defending yourself might not be such a bad idea, after all.,and the fear itself might just be enough to stop your heart. Awful I know. True Temper tools has been using a slogan since around 1907, and maybe it will make sense when you look at it this way, ‘The right tool for the right job.’ I believe that includes self-defense in 2015.”



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