Defensive dog sniffs out violent babysitter

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CHARLESTON, SC – With all the bad news about how babysitters can harm children, it’s hard for parents to know who they can really trust with their kids. But a South Carolina family recently found out the one person they can trust isn’t a person at all, it’s their family dog, Killian.

Killian, a normally sweet black lab shepherd mix, started acting out when 21-year-old Alexis Khan would come over to babysit little Finn Jordan.

So mom and dad decided to hide an iPhone in the couch to find out what was going on while they were at work.

The audio of Khan verbally and physically assaulting the toddler was enough for the police to get involved.

Kahn plead guilty to assault and battery and is on her way to the pen for a couple of years.

She’s also going to be put on a child abuse registry, which means she’ll never work with kids again.

As for hero dog Killian, he’s training to be a psychiatric service animal.

Proving he truly is man’s best friend.


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