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DENVER – There’s no such thing as the perfect life, right?  However, a Denver woman may beg to differ.

“I have the perfect husband. Check. I have the perfect children. Check. I have the perfect home. We go on the perfect vacations. Check.’ The checkmarks can be very misleading,” claims Suzanne Heintz.

Heintz bought her perfect family.  Mannequins.  She has a fake husband and a fake child, creating an ideal family, at least for her.

“I am going to take perfect family photos, and sort of rub it in,” she says.  Heintz even poses family photos of everything from picnics in the park to winter sleigh trips.

This “model family” idea stemmed from questions why she’s been single for so many years.  Heintz says she has no emotional attachment to the mannequins, it’s all for the sake of expressing herself.

Her message, live the life that makes you happy, and do not be pressured by the world’s expectations.