Dept. of Agriculture looking to buy sub-machine guns with night sights

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WASHINGTON, DC – It looks like the Obama Administration is exercising its Second Amendment right to bear arms, big time.

If an online document from the U.S. Department of Agriculture is legit, then it appears that Uncle Sam is arming his agents for everything from Tea Party parties to the Zombie Apocalypse now.

The Agriculture Department’s Office of Inspector General wants to buy .40 sub-machine guns with front and rear tritium night sights and 30-round mags.

A lot of farmers are still unhappy the way Uncle Sam gives special treatment to big, corporate farms over smaller, traditional family farms.

And last year, congress kept delaying renewal of the farm bill because of republican concerns over who should get food stamps.

Then, again, maybe the Ag Department isn’t taking aim against an uprising by farmers, but just getting ready shoot more holes in how much farmers get paid to feed the country.



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