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HAVANA, CUBA –  A long dead American mobster lost his Cuban empire during the revolution when Fidel Castro took power in 1959. Now, that mobster`s family wants to be reimbursed?

No kidding! And this is not your typical mafia memorabilia, like crime scene photos, wanted posters, and Lucky Luciano ties. We`re talkin` one of Cuba`s most luxurious hotels.

Don`t worry! No horse heads were found at the Riviera. This is the hotel where the American jet-set was “Havana” good time playin` black-jack with an ocean view.

The owner? One Meyer Lansky.

Sure you recognize the name. He was the brains behind the American mafia who raked in a fortune from bootlegging and gambling. The swanky hotel was one of his investments, until Fidel Castro sent Americans packing.

Gary Rapaport, Lansky’s grandson says his grandfather, “Figured that in about a year he would’ve been paid off as far as the investment and he didn’t get that year.”

Just like a good cigar, Lansky`s profit from the Cuban hotel went up in smoke. Now his daughter and grandson want the government to pay the family for what Castro took away.

“I think it owes us. I’m speaking for my mother and my uncle Paul and myself. We are the remainders of the estate of Meyer Lansky.

Tensions between the United States and Cuba may be easing, but it`s highly unlikely the Lansky heirs will see a dime. They may have inherited his notoriety, but as far as money’s concerned – – – NADA!