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DETROIT, MI – Over the past year, cops have been caught on camera doing some pretty bad stuff.  In Detroit, a group of cops had no problem being on camera doing something different, all in good spirits.

The Detroit Police Department is taking the internet by storm in a running man challenge video.  It’s had more than 3 million views on Facebook.

The video shows men and women in uniform break dancing and busting some serious moves to the beat of Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo.”

Looks like some of these cops might need to trade in their badge and gun for a dance floor.  Detroit police chief James Craig says the video highlights the importance of connecting with the community.

“Morale is key here, and relationship with our community is key.  This is an opportunity, a strategy to bond with our neighborhood, but also we have an issue called recruitment,” Craig stated.

He also called out  Cincinnati, New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago police departments to step up.