Did Putin OK the DNC Hack?

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WASHINGTON — Did Russia just toy with our presidential election? It depends on whom you ask. NBC reports two unnamed senior intelligence officials who believe so — and they say Putin was personally responsible!

The anonymous officials said they have "a high level of confidence" that the Russian leader is directly linked to the leaks of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee. The sources said the hacks began as a "vendetta" against Hillary Clinton, but then became an attempt to expose corruption in U.S. politics and undermine America's credibility around the world.

Last week the Washington Post released a report, also citing anonymous sources, claiming the CIA believes Russia was trying to sway the election in Donald Trump's favor. So far, the CIA is the only agency reported to have reached that conclusion. Other  intelligence agencies agree Russia was behind recent hacks but say there is not enough evidence that the hacks were meant to help Trump.

The President-elect fired off a tweet wondering why the White House waited to complain until after Clinton lost the election.

Senate Democrats are urging the CIA to publicly release their findings before Trump's inauguration, but critics say that won't happen because there is no evidence!

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the investigation into the hacks is not about undermining president Trump, but about protecting our democracy.

She said, "It isn't even a matter of the results. It's people's faith in the system and the faith and integrity of the system."


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