Disney pays man for enduring 30 minutes of ‘It’s A Small World’

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ANAHEIM, CA – It started out as an outing to The happiest place on Earth, but quickly turned into a tortuous trip to hell!

A paralyzed man wins a payout after he was forced to endure a loop of It’s A Small World for a half hour while stranded on the infamous Disneyland ride back in 2009.

Wheelchair bound Jose Martinez, won an $8000 settlement when a not-so-magical breakdown of the Magic Kingdom’s “It’s A Small World” attraction, left the quadriplegic’s boat stuck in its tracks while the rides whimsical theme song continued to play on, and on… and on!

Park staff and other able-bodied visitors quickly abandoned ship, leaving the paralyzed man to deal with the song for over 30 minutes, as 300 of those brightly costumed animatronic puppets, from countries that may or not exist anymore danced around to the repeating tune.

“It feels like an ice pick going through your temples”, the traumatized Martinez told the Orange County Register.

Not only was it a small world, but also a small bladder too! The disabled man desperately had to urinate throughout the whole ordeal.

Martinez, who also suffers from panic attacks and high blood pressure, was awarded the settlement for pain and suffering and for “mouse-house” violations of disability laws. The money was music in the ears of Martinez.


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