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HOUSTON – Do you ever look in your house and see a piece of furniture you wish you could fix up, but don’t know how? Do-it-yourself website Hometalk is making Houston a launch pad for the ‘can do’ attitude.

Hometalk already has 16 million users nationwide, with tips on projects like flipping furniture, storage solutions, decorations, kitchen cabinet remodeling and more. Exclusively in the Houston area, the company is adding a “Hands On Help” service.

“Houston right now is the only location in the US where we have DIYers that will come to your house and help with a project,” said Hometalk co-founder Miriam Illions. “They get a plan, a design and they learn new skills. They get the empowerment they need to do more DIY projects themselves and really live in a home they love.”

Hometalk does background checks on their experts, and Illions said the company chose Houston as the launch point for this service because of the high concentration of Hometalkers in the area.

For an example of a project that can be done, watch the video below as Hometalk expert Rhonda McCleskey shows how to up-cycle an old dresser with some new paint, stencil work and a color wash technique!