Do you regret posting anything online? You’re not alone

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regretsHOUSTON, TX – Alright, admit it. You’ve done it. Pressed send on a tweet, or posted something on Facebook when you were mad or you’d had a few drinks — or better yet, when you were in the mood for a little love.

You’re not alone. A new study by says 29% of people between 18 and 34 admit they’ve posted something online that could cost them big time.

“I sent a message to my girl and I was mad at her and she just kind of like, I don’t know, she kind of quit talking to me for a while,” says Houstonian Justice Velez

About 74% of folks say they have taken down a post or picture to avoid a negative reaction, but not necessarily from friends or loved ones, from someone who could give them a job. And that’s a smart move. says more than 40% of employers admit that online posts have caused them to disqualify a job candidate.

“It’s a free country; you can send whatever you want to send, however, be responsible in what you send,” Brandon Anderson warns.

A Huntsville, Alabama news reporter was fired after posting on her personal blog that she went bra-less to work and that she didn’t like old people or covering stories about them.

If there’s any part of this you’re still not sure of, ask Anthony Weiner. No one should know better now than he does.


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