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VANCOUVER, WA – Doctors say there’s a new weight loss option: peeing out your fat.

“The Vanquish System heats the deeper tissues up to 110 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit,” explains Dr. Manish Champaneria of PeaceHealth Southwest in Vancouver, Wash. “With the deep tissues heating up, it causes the fat cells to break down. Your body will then absorb those fat cells and excrete it.”

Doctors say it will only take a couple of visits for things to firm up, which might sound too good to be true. But Dr. Champaneria says, “Studies have shown patients are doing well, they have the results that support this.”

Ashley Brierley says she noticed a change in her waistline after just one treatment.

“I chose to have this because i just recently had twins,” says Brierley, “so just kind of working on little trouble areas in the midsection.”

Doctors warn the treatment isn’t an option for everyone.

“Patients who are within 20 pounds of their goal weight are the ideal patients for this machine,” says Dr. Champaneria. “If you are not within the 20 pounds, you may be a candidate for a surgical procedure.”

The FDA approved deep-tissue heating in 2013, but it took until this summer for the agency to OK it to burn fat. A warning: it will also burn a hole in your wallet. Four to six treatments will set you back about $3,000. By comparison, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery says a tummy tuck will set you back between $4,500 and $10,000. Either way, you’ll have to shell out a pretty penny for that tight tummy.