Dogs in Kansas being poisoned

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TOPEKA, KS – Someone in Topeka is out to get the city’s dogs.

Carmen Dominguez’s neighbor spotted someone in a white van throw something over her fence.

More bad press for white vans; those things just can’t get a break.

Dominguez’s three dogs ate the mystery meat- all of them got sick and one — Mikey — passed away.

An area veterinary clinic says that they’ve heard of 15 cases of dogs dying from rat poisoning and are trying to get the word out to the community.

Animal control has only been able to verify Dominguez’s case and says the problem may be less menacing — especially as snow melts and what’s buried underneath is revealed.

“It’s possible the information, when it was getting passed from person-to-person, got changed a little bit, maybe some of it wasn’t quite accurate. But it’s still a good idea for people to be aware of things,” Linda Halford, a supervisor for Animal Control, said.

Sounds like a “ruff” neighborhood.

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