Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes, that’s not edible pot those cops are eating the pot shop

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SANTA ANA, CA –  Security video from a California medical marijuana dispensary seems to show cops munching on some of the product.

But the local district attorney says no way, man.

Cops raided the Santa Ana shop in 2015, and the dispensary’s security cameras recorded at least three officers eating something before an officer broke the cameras.

The attorney for the dispensary says the cops ate some of the pot products. (A case of pre-munchies munchies, maybe?)

But the district attorney says not to believe our lying eyes. “Through looking over all the surveillance video footage, and everything else, witnessed events, we found that there was no evidence to show that any Santa Ana police department personnel ingested any edibles with marijuana.”

The DA’s office says the cops were really eating protein bars and cookies they found in the break room. But since the food belonged to store employees, the DA charged three of the officers with petty theft.

One of them also got hit with a charge of vandalism for smashing some security cameras.

Ya gotta know that all of this will lead some folks to say they now know why the cops in the donut shop say “Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh,” and walk like an Egyptian.





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