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choppAUSTIN, TX – How about if you could sit around and watch March Madness on your TV ‘and’ have your old lady’s permission? Pretty good deal, huh?

But what if you had to have some of your man parts removed as part of the deal?

If it still sounds like a plan, then there are some docs in Texas happy to lend a hand, or two.

The Urology Team of Austin, once again, is providing vouchers for men who get their vasectomies there. The voucher is good for doctor`s order of up to two days of sitting on a couch and recovering.

This is the ultimate Dick Chopp job. No, really, that’s the dude’s name. Doctor Richard ‘Dick’ Chopp.

This ‘snip ‘n sit’ package comes to $595, if that’s what you’re willing to do just to sit around and watch guys shoot their balls.

But if college hoops isn’t your game, Dick Chopp offers a similar deal for the Masters golf tournament, another game for guys with balls and bags.