Driver flips car, lands on top of house

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This, you have to see to believe. And even then, it’s pretty unbelievable.

A car was found, upside down, on top of a house.

It happened on Fox Springs Drive on the Northwest side of town. But how it happened is still up for debate.

Deputies say the driver, who may have been drunk, was speeding down the street and didn’t quite make a curve in the road.

Instead, he went airborne, through a wood fence, landing on top of one house and flipping over onto the house next to it. I mean, that’s some serious air. It’s like the car was actually the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

Amazingly, no one in either house was hurt. There is a big mess to clean up, though.

The car leaked gasoline into the house. As for the driver, he’s going to be okay. He’s a little banged up and his ego is certainly bruised. At least he’s got a good story to tell.

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