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HOUSTON, TX –  The World Animal Awareness Society is using drones to help put a leash on stray dogs in Houston.

Tom McPhee, Executive Director of World Animal Awareness Society, says, “We’re using GPS tracking devices that are also hooked into the pictures we take, the voice recordings that we take in the text, and it’s hooked by GPS to a time, place and location.”

McPhee is filming a documentary called Operation Houston: Stray Dog City.

Houston’s stray pet population is a growing problem, and has approximately a million strays on the streets.

Robert Greenway, a volunteer, says, “Where I’m at there’s probably like 8 or 9 dogs that need —- they need love that’s all they need. They need somebody to pick them up and say, hey, I want you.”

Having so many stray dogs really puts the meaning of a “ruff” neighborhood in perspective.

McPhee says, “One of the things that we’re doing is helping the non-profits in the area that do this work help spot. We’re not a rescue ourselves. We work with those rescues that do that work.”