Drunk man steals ambulance to ‘stay warm’

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LONGMONT, CO – It’s not easy to stay warm in the winter, especially if you live in Colorado.

Longmont police say 51-year-old Robert Taylor found an unconventional way to stay warm; he stole an ambulance.

The fact that stealing is illegal and the ambulance was in the middle of an emergency call apparently didn’t make a difference to Taylor.

Paramedics were in the middle of helping an 86-year-old woman who had fallen (insert your own joke here); when they heard their ambulance backing up.

Cops say Taylor took the emergency vehicle, drove it 6 blocks then stopped. When arrested, he mentioned something about being cold. Though it was cold, cops think it had more to do with alcohol saying Taylor smelled like booze, had bloodshot eyes and was unsteady on his feet.

Taylor probably just had a drink to calm his nerves after escaping from the Colorado Department of Corrections. Yes, he was on the lam.

Now he can add ‘theft of an ambulance’ and ‘driving under the influence’ to his ever growing rap sheet.  What a loser.


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