Dumbass of the Day: Two teens break into local high school and film whole escapade on Snapchat

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COBB COUNTY, Geor. - A couple of teens in Georgia had the bright idea of going on quite a rampage at an Atlanta-area high school.

But these guys obviously didn't learn much at this school.

Because while they were allegedly trashing the local high school.....stealing a fire extinguisher.....and going on a joyride to spray innocent diners on the patio at a nearby restaurant-- the two criminal masterminds also videotaped the entire crime spree on Snap Chat....even the restaurant attack!

"It took a couple of minutes for it to finally clear out, but two people's food just got completely ruined," restaurant worker Addison Phelps revealed.

"I added the one guy on Snapchat and we saw his whole story," Phelps added. "And there was a lot more on there than just the fire extinguisher, too."

Yeah, these guys even decided to record themselves jumping on a police car!

"Honestly, it's pure idiocracy to me," Phelps said. "The last table I had -- six girls, three of them going to UGA and three to Georgia Tech -- they're really smart and their jaws just dropped because they just can't believe it either."

Well, when the teens were on the school roof....they even posed for the camera.

Of course, that led authorities right to the pair....who then got to pose for a snazzy mugshot!

Now the two are sitting behind bars....unable to make $60,000 bail and facing multiple felony charges.

Way to go, dudes!

You are our 'Dumbass of the Day'-- times two!





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