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BAYTOWN, TX – It’s said one man’s trash is another treasure. These puppies were dumped like garbage on Houston’s East End. Odds are, the pups would have died on the cold streets of Houston; but Gina Damian-Moreno posted a social media 911 call and L.A.B. Rescue Network stepped up to save the lives of these innocent puppies. Now this pack of pups is headed for forever homes in Connecticut but first, a final visit to the vet.

“Everyone has to get their last round of shots and their wellness papers so they can get on that transport,” says Kristina Wilson with L.A.B. Rescue Network.

The visit was fun for some and a little scary for others – it just depends on which dogs you ask. Chloe was a little scared; but the visit may have been more difficult for her foster mom, Liz Moser, “This one’s been a little harder for me because she’s so sweet.”

With travel papers in order they’re loaded up and driven to Baytown to meet the transport truck.

Rescue Road Trips is a licensed company that transports homeless and unwanted dogs in the South to loving homes in the Northeast where pet overpopulation isn’t a problem. They’ll take half the puppies on this trip. The others will go on the next truck in two weeks.

For the woman who found the puppies, this day is bittersweet, “The best part of today is watching them go on the truck knowing that they’re going to have forever homes,” says Gina Damian-Moreno.

So what’s it like to drive 80 dogs half way across the country? Greg Mahle, Rescue Road Trips owner, driver and dog lover says, “It’s like being around a whole bus load of lottery winners. Each one has hit the lottery- they’ve gotten off Death Row. They’re going to a family that loves them, wants them and will take care of them forever. Somehow the dogs know that. I don’t know how they know it but they do.”

Goodbyes said and secure in their crates, Rescue Road Trips hits the road to drive these dogs to a better life. They’ll cover about 1600 miles to reach Danbury, Connecticut – it’ll take 3 days (due to “Doody Detours”) but at the end of the road their new families are waiting. And when the truck arrives, everyone is excited.

“Oh my God, I’m crying,” says Jessica Catropa who’s waiting to meet her new dog Chloe.

Tears are shed by all as one by one; the dogs meet their new families.

Here’s to a Happy Ending like this for the other MILLION homeless dogs in the city of Houston.