Dumping on Dallas: Corporal punishment, heroin, Victor E. Green

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DALLAS, TX - Looks like Desoto ISD, near Dallas, is taking a page from the NFL`s playbook. Last year the school district administered corporal punishment 227 times, and some of those where repeat offenders. Meaning the same kid could have been paddled more than once. So naturally, such a large number 'pops' the question, discipline or faculty fun? Regardless, it`s definitely excessive.

Also excessive, the amount of heroin running through Dallas. The police departments interdiction squad`s tasked with gathering Intel to stop smugglers from entering the city. What did the squad find? Dallas, with it`s perfect highways, mass transit rail, airports and proximity to the southern border makes it the perfect layover point for illegal trafficking of any sort. Dang it Dallas, and we thought Houston was built for the old mule train. Even the drugs know Dallas is a great place to visit but no one wants to live there.

Victor E. Green recently moved to Dallas. He`s the new official mascot for the re-branded Dallas Stars. Hmm. looks kind of familiar there Dallas. Like the Astros mascot Orbit? You think?

And finally, you beat us again Dallas. Wallethub smart survey says out of 150 metro areas in the US. Dallas ranks 8th in most educated cities. Only don`t hurt yourself thinking too much about it. Mind me Dallas...H-town came in at 56. We`d ask you to do the math, but because your number`s higher you probably think you won. Right? Dallas?


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