Early onset of puberty linked to obesity in girls

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NEW YORK, NY – Parents know the feeling. Time flies, and before you know it, your kid is all grown up. And we know growing up is filled with all sorts of awkward stages. But for girls, it may not just be awkward, it may be downright dangerous.

A new study published in the Medical Journal Pediatrics found that girls are starting puberty at a younger age, almost a full year earlier than previously reported. They say the cause could be obesity.

Health experts think it’s the biggest factor in the early onset of puberty and may be the cause of early breast development, too. That has some worried. Doctors say all this could lead to early menstruation, and their findings show it could be linked to a higher risk of breast cancer.

Unfortunately, the problem can’t be fixed with something as simple as a diet. There’s other things to consider such as ethnicity and other factors in a girl’s environment.

So next time someone tells you to grow up, just tell them you’re watching your health.


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