HOUSTON (KIAH) – Looking for a new place to cool down this summer near downtown? Houston Parks Board and Buffalo Bayou Partnership, in cooperation with the Downtown Redevelopment Authority and the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department, opened a new park for the public to use this week.

Construction is complete on the new park and 0.4-mile hike and bike trail along Buffalo Bayou from Fannin Street to Austin Street. The goal is to create create connectivity all the way from Buffalo Bayou Park to the Port of Houston Turning Basin. It also aligns with Houston Parks Board’s goal to create an interconnected system of parks and trails across Houston through Bayou Greenways.

The total cost of the project is nearly $8.7 million. Buffalo Bayou Partnership will maintain the park and trail under contract with the Houston Parks Board as part of the Bayou Greenways maintenance agreement with the City of Houston.

Here are some key facts about the park:

  • The new trail extends east from Allen’s Landing Park under the Fannin Street Bridge and up along Commerce Street before passing under the San Jacinto Bridge to the Wilson Building on Commerce Street.
  • The trail continues through the second basement level of the Wilson Building and under the Harris County Sheriff’s Inmate Processing Center.
  • From there, the trail opens to a new park on former parking lots along the bayou on either side of Austin Street.
  • Trail users may now travel from Buffalo Bayou Park to Austin Street and continue at street level via the Austin Street Corridor bike path.