HOUSTON (CW39) CW39’s Hannah Trippett is following a HAZMAT spill where an overturned 18-wheeler that spilled some oil onto the freeway on the north loop. If you’re on 610 North Loop East, right where you reach the east text freeway, that’s where drivers are dealing with the hazmat spill.

It is a oil spill and could take several hours to clear. The Houston fire department said it’s on the main lanes, the eastbound lanes of 610 North loop at the Eastex Freeway.

It is going to have a major impact in the area for morning rush hour. LBJ hospital is just north of the main lanes. If you are traveling in this area, everyone has to get onto the Eastex freeway interchange ramp, then back on 610. If you don’t want to take Kelly Street, take the Loop to the Eastex freeway enter there and then you can get back onto the West loop.

We are also keeping an eye on the Eastex freeway. Right now and no big delays.