Ebola: the scariest thing on TV this Halloween?

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HOUSTON, Texas - It's not a movie, but it sure could be. The drama playing out as a judge in Maine finally lifts nurse Kaci Hickox's state-ordered quarantine already reads like a made-for-TV-movie.

"There are other cases where individuals have not tested positive, did not believe they were symptomatic and quickly developed symptoms while they were out in public," Maine Department of Health and Human Service's Mary Mayhew told reporters.

But whether you agree with Hickox or not may not matter. According to the CDC's own guidelines for handling Ebola, the virus can live outside the body for several days inside body fluids, (like urine) in a wet, room-temperature environment. Meaning that while those at-home-quarantines may make us feel better on the inside, an infected person at home could simply be flushing the virus into the sewer system for all of us to enjoy. And while heath officials say the chemicals used in most waste-water treatment facilities would wipe-out any strains of Ebola should they show up, it's the uncertainty that's brought us here in the first place.

And the only person who can stop it? You. so stop being so afraid already.


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