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NORWAY – The world remains divided over the efforts of Edward Snowden.

Many believe he put national security, for several nations, in jeopardy. Others believe he did us all a favor by giving us a heads up that our government was spying on us.

Then there are two Norwegian lawmakers who believe what Snowden did is so great, they nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Bard Vegar Solhjell and Snorre Valen said in a statement, Snowden has “revealed the nature and technological prowess of modern surveillance,” and by doing so contributed to peace.

The men acknowledge that because of what Snowden did, a bunch of countries are mad at us and don’t trust us anymore. That’s the opposite of peaceful. But Solhjell and Valen say they’re looking at the big picture, such as transparency and policy changes.

It’s impossible to compare Snowden to former Nobel Peace Prize winners: Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela. But that will be up to the Nobel people to decide.

And if they do choose Snowden (very unlikely), the honor won’t exempt him from that espionage charge waiting for him back home.