Egyptian death sentences cause riots

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The world doesn’t make sense as it is. Just wait until you hear what’s going on in Port said, Egypt.

Long story short, 21 people were sentenced to death Saturday for their part in a riot at a football game last February. 74 people died in the riot, and another one thousand were wounded.

The people’s reaction to the sentencing???  Another deadly riot!!

Details are sketchy, but reports say anywhere from 16 to 30 people were killed this time around, while another 200 were hurt.

Egyptian security officials say some of the family members of the people sentenced to death opened fire on security forces.

All of this comes after another wave of violence. This time, seven people were killed and another 450 were injured in Cairo when people took to the streets to show their disdain for current president Mohammed Morsi.

The outburst is tied with the second anniversary of the uprising that ousted former president Hosni Mubarak.

With all the violence, at this rate, will there be anyone left in Egypt to celebrate the third anniversary???


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