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HOUSTON, Tx. – Cycling in Houston is a big deal. From the MS150 and the Tour de Houston, down to the monthly Critical Mass “Tour de Traffic.”

But this weekend things are gonna be electric!

“Electric bikes are relatively a new form of transportation and recreation, and they add a little electric assist to riding your bike,” says Pete Prebus, Chief Marketing Officer for Bike Expo Houston.

The Electric Bike Expo at Rice Stadium rides through town all weekend. You can check out these super cycles up close and personal!

It`s pretty high tech. The electronics measure three things, the torque that you put into the pedals, how fast you`re pedaling, and the wheel speed of the bike. It measures those three things together 1,000 times a second to calculate just how much power the electric motor should add to your pedal power.

They`ve even got a track! “The test track itself, has a hill structure so you can get an idea how the electric assist helps with the climbing, we`ve got a few terrain bumps that people can ride on you`ll be able to compare a bunch of different electric bikes, head to head,” says Prebus.

There are even some giveaways and a raffle that will support local charities.

So whether it`s a way to avoid gridlock, or just for kicks, the Electronic Bike Expo can show you an easier, softer way to get around H-Town.