Emails reveal grade changing in HISD schools

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HOUSTON, TX – Former HISD teachers are rolling out more proof of grade inflation in schools across the district.

At a press conference Thursday, the United Urban Alumni Association held a press conference outside the school board meeting. The group brought email examples of what it calls a systemic problem within HISD.

“If you approve, please email me back and I can change his grade to a passing score,” Gerry Monroe read from an email. “This is Kashmere High School, which doesn’t even have a principal right now.”

Meanwhile inside the HISD board meeting, trustees decided to postpone a vote to revoke the charter for Hope Academy. The superintendent recommended severing the contract after transcript issues came to light a couple months back. The district says of 68 student records its team looked over, they took issue with 35 of them because of credit restorations, grade changes, course deletions and course additions.

The board will revisit the issue next week.





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