English classes offered to Brazilian prostitutes before World Cup

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BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL – Good business advice; know your customer. Better business advice, know how to speak their language, and the Portuguese speaking prostitutes of Brazil are up to the task!

These working girls are gearing up for the massive throngs of ballers about to bounce on Brazil for the up-coming World Cup and Olympics by signing up for free English classes.

Since whoring is legal in Brazil the Association of Prostitutes for the City of Belo Horizonte is offering their tramps free classes in English, so sex workers can bone up on their language skills before hitting the streets.

These hookers will first put their oral tablets to use this June, when the Confederations Cup comes to Copacabana.

But the true test for the Latin ladies is in 2014 when the FIFA World Cup comes to Brazil.

Right now, about 20 have signed up for the courses, but about 300 of the 4000 hordes of hookers that call Horizonte home are expected to follow suit.

Will all this make a difference to a visiting sports fan in Brazil? Who knows?! All this getting to know your customers is nice, but when it comes to the international language of love, any visiting “John” will think the native tongue will do just fine.


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