Entrepreneur sells app to Yahoo for $30M, he’s not even 18 yet

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LONDON, ENGLAND – He’s got brains and now, big bucks. 17-year-old whiz kid, Nick d’Aloisio, just sold his app named Summly to Yahoo for a reported $30 million. This latest acquisition is part of Yahoo’s plan to boost its mobile presence.

The app uses big words like artificial intelligence, algorithms, and natural language processing to summarize news so it fits on smart phone screens.

See, we told you d’Aloisio’s a smart guy. That’s not all. D’Aloisio will now work for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Guess she thought if she was going to bring her kid to work, she may as well bring in another kid who could at least make her money.

Take a good look at this face. Something tells us he’s going to be around for a while. You hear that, Zuckerberg?



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